Located in the Brooklyn Navy Yard

15 North Oxford Street
Brooklyn, NY 11205

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Vulpe Works is a furniture design/build project by Andrew Pfeiffer McNay in Brooklyn, NY.

Designing by Doing

“I draw, problem solve, make the thing, edit, and make it again. I live with the furniture and make adjustments. Each iteration provides momentum for the next work.”

– Andrew Pfeiffer McNay

At VULPE, we aim to design and build exceptionally crafted, handmade furniture. Each work is fabricated in the Brooklyn studio as a unique, handmade piece.

About Andrew

In addition to creating furniture, Andrew is a principal at En.Zo Metal, an architectural metal design and fabrication firm in NYC. Andrew received his B.A. in art from Yale University in 2007 and his M.F.A from Hunter in 2015. Andrew learned his metalworking and patina craft from the renowned metal worker, William Nitzberg.

Vulpe Values

We make functional objects to be experienced and appreciated by others. We explore new avenues of inquiry, regardless of difficulty. We remain committed to the duality of function and decoration, structure and surface. We use real materials that will age beautifully, deepening with the patina of age.

We do not use rare or endangered wood species. All unused metal is recycled or repurposed.

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